Mckinsey indicates that over 70% transformations fail. This translates into hundreds or thousands – even millions – lost.

It is not due to technology. It is about leadership, complex cross-functional processes, data and teams with multiple interests and perspectives across the organization.

Think about integrated business planning, new product introductions, discontinuations, procure to pay, order to cash, and others.

There are several reasons why your company may decide to transform supply chain. When your CPG business is growing faster than your supply chain, you may quickly find that you have outgrown your systems and processes. Supply chain transformations become imperative in this situation.

You need a solid team and robust processes in place to have successful transformations. You know that by simply adding technology to fix your most pressing supply chain issues, it is a delusion.

You may have recently graduated college students in your team or high potential team members with relative short experience or your employee turnover is high. 

Everyone is doing their very best to support the company’s fast growth, despite not having solid processes and documentation in place. There is simply no time for that. The plants and your co-manufacturers need to keep running.

You have huge expectations from your team and challenging targets to meet. But, sometimes you feel that they are out of reach, not matter how hard you and your team work.

This is where we come in to empower your supply chain team with impactful workshops based on real and practical experience. 

We optimize processes and provide the right tools that allow your team to build and sustain a usm supply chain – unstoppable, scalable, mindful supply chain – to consistently overdeliver during supply chain digitalization and transformation. These workshops are highly customized to your team situation, data, priorities, processes and systems.