USM Supply Chain

Unstoppable Scalable Mindful supply chain for fast-growing CPG companies

I help supply chain and procurement teams go from firefighting mode with chaos and overwhelm to strategic profit growth mode with greater revenues, cash flows, lower costs, without the burnout and exhaustion.

USM Supply Chain Accelerator is for you if you can relate to the context below:


Your CPG company is selling more and more at a fast pace and your supply chain can’t keep up or support your increased sales. Marketing and sales are not an issue. The fast growth can be either organically or by acquisition.


Your supply and procurement team doesn’t have systems or processes that can support the growth.


Your supply chain and procurement teams have junior or not so experienced team members or there isn’t a team.


Your team members work very hard but feel overwhelmed by the situation. This may lead to a high employee turnover in the areas of operations, supply chain, procurement.

As a result, you may be experiencing:

1. Supply chain disruptions; material shortages
2. Late customer deliveries
3. Lost sales
4. High raw material costs
5. High packaging costs
6. High shipping costs
7. Too much inventory
8. Too little inventory
9. High liabilities on inventory at co-mans
10. Expired products; including those used for seasonal promotions

    USM Supply Chain Accelerator Outcomes

    A supply chain and procurement team fully equipped with proven and actionable systems, tools, frameworks and processes in place to become key catalysts for profitable sustainable growth; with greater EBITDA and revenues, lower costs, improved cash flows and asset utilization, without the overwhelm and stress.

    Highlights of the Program


    Laser Focused on the financial impact of supply chain and procurement to increase EBITDA and revenues, lower costs, improve cash flows and asset utilization.


      Highly actionable for supply chain and procurement teams and for cross-functional processes including Creative/ Product Development, R&D, Regulatory, Marketing, Sales, and the Finance teams- to ensure successful planning and execution.


      Dictated LIVE by Marcia Williams to a very limited selected number of participants to ensure personalized top training and results in the 8-week program. Marcia will get in the weeds to work with your team closely and with each team member individually.

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