Supply Chain Transformations

Supply chain is the single most powerful and strategic way to increase EBITDA, revenues and cash flows. It extends beyond cost reduction. Ready to transform your supply chain to experience the full impact of a usm – unstoppable, scalable, mindful supply chain in your financial statements?

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Or Sales And Operations Planning (S&OP)

Integrated Business Planning? Sales and Operations Planning? Are they the same? What’s the benefit?

Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is an enhanced version of Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP). The terminology of S&OP has been around for quite some time. IBP is a more recent term that adds the financial aspects into the traditional S&OP.

What’s the benefit? IBP implies a major business transformation. Like ERP, it implies all critical functions working together to maximize profitability. Precisely, due to IBP, supply chain role in an organization does not limit to cost reduction but also has an effect on the revenue side.

Based on the IBP process and analysis, you can know which products create the greater profits and thus allocate the necessary resources appropriately. Inventory Management & Optimization plays a fundamental role for your company to build and sustain a competitive advantage.

Data analysis is core to IBP. There is a comprehensive plan, assumptions, simulations or what if scenarios, and calculated impact.

We help you with the process and solutions to make this happen and to make this happen right.


Do you have visibility of the procure to pay process, from the budget, purchase requisitions (PRs), purchase orders (POs), receipt, invoices, until payment? How fast can you identify discrepancies and track down any issues? Can you identify the causes of variation between estimates and actuals?

A robust Procure-to-Pay process means a solid ground for spend analysis and with that comes cost reduction, when performed effectively. In addition, Procure-to-Pay will allow you for a more agile, more responsive supply chain. When you can easily investigate and understand variances, you can take fast action.

We have experience in Ariba and other solutions. We can help you with the process and solutions to make Procure-to-Pay as you envision.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Are you thinking of scaling your business? What is the right ERP for you? If you do have an ERP,
are you fully utilizing the functionalities it has?

We help you define your business requirements or “must have’s” as well as value-added functionalities or “nice to have’s”. To do so, we use Six Sigma tools such as KJ, process map, Cause and Effects Matrix (C&E), and Failure Mode and Effects Matrix (FMEA). Such tools provides a framework to prioritize the factors that have a high impact on the deliverables or outcome.

By working in teams, we ensure to build a measurement system that has reproducibility and replicability. This leads to accurate data and to fully utilize the ERP functionalities and enjoy the benefits of data analysis.

We help you throughout all the process, from identifying whether this is the right moment to have an ERP, moving on to a laser-focused definition of business requirements and value-added functionalities, ERP solution selection, rollout, until training.

We have experience with SAP Business One, SAP Ariba, JD Edwards, Infor Visual, Macola, among others. Together we can make it happen.

Digital Strategic Sourcing

What would you do if you could accomplish significant and real cost reduction? Cost reduction reflected in your bottom line or budget? Think about the possibilities.

Strategic Sourcing together with technology enable cost reduction in a consistent, sustainable way. You can conduct online RFPs, RFQs, and online auctions. All powerful tools that with the right data analysis, strategy, and execution, lead to cost savings. We have vast experience with Ariba and other solutions.

We help you from spend analysis and category strategy throughout going to market, selection, implementation, and estimated savings vs actuals. Quite often, it is challenging to determine how much of the estimated savings are realized or reflected in your budget. We have tools that automate this comparison and they are easy to use.

Think about your increase in EBIT through cost reduction. Think about the potential. Let us help you to make it happen.