Marcia conducts this ONE-DAY LIVE workshop via Zoom limited to 10 persons only. This reduced number of participants allows you to get all done while having Marcia to answer your questions and help you. You will be amazed at how much you can accomplish in the training.

In this LIVE WORKSHOP you will learn:


How to measure supply chain performance

  • Why is it important to have metrics in general and in supply chain in particular
  • What are the most common metrics in supply chain and how they are aligned to other metrics that other functions like Marketing and Finance use
  • How to define metrics in the correct way in accordance with best practices


How to make metrics sustainable 

  • Why is it important to challenge existing metrics

  • How to define a solid measurement system

  • How to track metrics using a dashboard in Excel and PowerBI


How to plan strategically with metrics – Goal Tree

  • How to build a strategic Goal Tree like Fortune 500 companies do

  • Key success elements

  • How to execute it flawlessly


How to overcome challenges 

  • What happens when targets are not met

  • How to avoid the “watermelon effect”

  • What are the ways when metrics can be misused


How to improve your metrics 

  • How to prioritize efforts

  • Potential actions to take for improvement

  • The importance of documenting and having a control plan