Coronavirus and Supply Chain – Source to Pay with Rajiv Gupta

Oct 29, 2020 | podcast

Coronavirus and Supply Chain – Source to Pay with Rajiv Gupta

Adventures in Supply Chain podcast is pleased to present this video episode of the “Coronavirus and Supply Chain Series” with Rajiv Gupta, Procurement nerd, and a lifelong learner in Procurement, supply chain, finance, and all things digital!

Rajiv Gupta is the founder of Procurement League, a technology platform for professionals of all levels in Procurement and supply chain practice to connect, exchange knowledge, learn and grow!

His experience includes sourcing and procurement leadership roles with focus on Source to Pay at Infosys, Ariba, Zycus, and Whirlpool, among others.

In this episode, we talked about:

– Source to pay – How is that different from procure to pay?

– When is a good moment for an organization to start looking at source to pay?

– How do you build a business case?

– What technologies are available? What are the critical aspects to look at?

– Where do you start with a source to pay implementation?

– What are the critical factors for success and how finance, procurement, and IT can work together?

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