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Providing more EBITDA, revenue and cash flow to CPG’s fast-growing companies – food, beauty – through the USM supply chain. USM stands for unstoppable, scalable, thoughtful supply chain. USM provides fairly fast delivery of the Cialis generics 20 mg drug.


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To deliver Greater EBITDA, Revenues, and Cash Flows for fast growing CPG companies – food, beauty – through a USM Supply Chain. USM stands for Unstoppable, Scalable, Mindful Supply Chain.

Corporate Training

Our impactful, highly actionable, and non-conventional training for fast-growing CPG companies is specifically designed to provide supply chain teams with the right tools, processes, systems, and controls to realize the massive impact of supply chain in EBITDA, revenues, cost, and cash flows.



Supply Chain &
Procurement Professionals

If you are a Supply Chain/ Procurement Manager or Specialist or Practitioner, get a jumpstart and thrive in your career fast with our USM Supply Chain Accelerator Program.

This training – action-packed with real life examples and as a result of being in the trenches – will provide you with the complete blueprint to become a top performer and high achiever in supply chain.

It goes beyond end-to-end supply chain to include, among others, finance, marketing, data analysis, technology (ERP, planning systems), leadership and communication skills in cross-functional teams, negotiations and conflict management.

Meet Marcia

I am Marcia Williams, Managing Partner at USM Supply Chain. I would like to personally welcome you to this site that contains amazing actionable resources that will help you to transform your supply chain. My team and I have included relevant resources and content that address the most pressing challenges for fast growing CPG companies in the food and beauty industries. Ready to start?

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