95% of businesses are getting THIS wrong with ERP implementation. Are you one of them?

You have probably heard about scary and painful stories about ERP implementations.

Thousands or even millions of dollars thrown at something that is not providing the results you are expecting, on top of all the headaches.

ERPs are a necessary evil. You cannot scale your operations without them. You cannot keep growing without an ERP system that accompanies such growth.

Do ERP rollouts have to be painful?

Yes. I’m sorry if you were expecting a No for an answer. It is a complex transformation in your digital journey.

But, they can be much LESS painful and when the implementation is over, you will have solid foundations to keep growing your business in a profitable way.

If you are considering an ERP implementation for the first time or switching to a different ERP with more functionalities, this episode is for you.

With our guest Sam Gupta, we talk about the following:

  • When should companies consider an ERP implementation or switching to a different ERP?
  • Who needs to be involved? Who needs to take the lead?
  • What are the most common challenges and mistakes so you can avoid them?
  • And much more