It’s our pleasure to introduce Sara Oblack Speicher- MBA, mentor, certified mindset coach, business & life strategist; and the Founder and President of  Sara Oblack Speicher enterprises.

Sara has impacted tens of thousands of women and men and strives to help her clients make their lives a legacy. She encourages her clients to be, to do and to give their best in the office and at home.

For over a decade, she has helped her clients to master the art & science of

-Living a glorious life that serves the dreams of their heart & soul.

-Simplifying & magnifying everything they put into the world so passionately and naturally.

-Serving at their highest levels & commanding 5- and 6-figure service fees with ease & integrity.

-Deepening relationships, and turning the world into their playground.

-Creating more free time & space, alignment, joy, and making significant contribution for themselves & others.