Adventures in Supply Chain podcast is pleased to present this video episode of the “Coronavirus and Supply Chain Series” with Procurement Doctor Karthik Rama.

Procurement Doctor Karthik Rama, one of the top global thought leaders and influencers in procurement, chats with us on how procurement can find alignment with finance and work together in a business.

Karthik shares strategies on how to structure different levels of your organization with a drive towards technology and innovation as well as the roadblocks of transforming business processes to digital procurement.

Lastly, he discusses how to determine the right procurement tool to create efficiency and collaboration within an organization.

Karthik is all about Procurement Transformations, with over 16+ years of experience in helping organizations from varied industries, from all over the world.

He is inquisitive to understand the subtle differences in industries and regions and has a complete grasp of the Source to Pay cycle.

Karthik has worn multiple hats over the years, right from being the Procurement guy to the IT guy deploying the Procurement System – this gives him an edge when speaking the language of technology to the IT teams and Procurement teams.


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