Adventures in Supply Chain podcast is pleased to present this video episode of the “Coronavirus and Supply Chain Series” with Tristan Fletcher, Co-founder & CEO at ChAI.


Tristan applies state of the art prediction methods from the Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence) academic community to real world problems. Tristan has done this at senior levels in prestigious organizations in asset management (Aspect Capital: $ 7 Bill.), trading (UBS: $500 Bill.), medicine (Imperial College London), supply chain management (Unilever) and even fine wine pricing.

In this episode, we talked about the following:


  • What are Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning?
  • How are they different from traditional data science?
  • What sources of data should companies use?
  • How can companies actually use data for better decision making?
  • What is the importance of getting more accurate predictions? How can we see this in the financial statements?
  • What is the impact of Covid in the use of data?
  • For a company that wants to have a more data-driven supply chain, what would be your advice? Where should they start?