Adventures in Supply Chain podcast is pleased to have Sarah Barnes-Humprey, host of Let’s Talk Supply Chain, to talk about Supply Chain Opportunities and Challenges.

Who doesn’t know Sarah Barnes-Humphrey? Sarah is:

? Top 100 most influential Women in Canadian supply chain

? Top 100 Women Leaders in Supply Chain

? Host of the top-ranked podcast Let’s Talk Supply Chain

? and industry leading content creator

To know Sarah is to know that supply chain is in her blood, growing up in a household of entrepreneurs building a shipping company really set her path in motion.

For years logistics was spoken about at the dinner table, then she was fortunate enough to spend 20 years of her career helping to build that company whether she was in operations, sales, or running the sales and marketing teams.

Sarah’s mission is to create value and also to disrupt international shipping.

As CEO for Shipz Inc, Sarah is bridging the gaps between shipping providers and mid-market importers and exporters in a trusted marketplace so everyone wins.