Adventures in Supply Chain podcast is pleased to present this video episode of the “Coronavirus and Supply Chain Series” with Deborah Dull, Founder of the Circular Supply Chain Network.

Deborah loves supply chain, especially all about inventory.

Prior to her role as  Principal, Manufacturing Product Management at GE Digital, Deborah used technology to propel the supply chains in frontier markets into Industry 4.0. while at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Now she looks across the Industrial world and realizes the critical role Industry plays in transitioning to a global circular economy – often called the circular industrial economy. (In a circular economy… everything becomes inventory!!)

In this episode, we talked about the following:

– Terms…sustainability, circular economy, what is the meaning of these terms?

-Does circular economy help the environment and the financial statements?

– Are there any particular industries that can benefit the most from circularity?

– What’s the role of supply chain in circularity?

– How can supply chains start their transition to circular operations?

– How could circularity help with COVID by being a risk mitigator?

– What can business leaders start doing today that will benefit their organizations?